Treasuring Aggies since 1980 

About the Aggie Barn

The Aggie Barn is located in Reagan, TX, along Highway 6 halfway between Waco and College Station.

The Aggie Barn is located on private property.  It is not public land/property.  The property and structure(s) are 100% owned and maintained by Joe '85 and Tressa Swinnea.  Anyone that enters the property must REQUEST permission PRIOR to visiting.  If anyone enters Aggie Barn property without obtaining permission, they will be considered Trespassing and prosecuted!

The Aggie Barn property and structure (including all the painting) are maintained by Joe, with some occassional help from his wife and kids.  To be completely honest, Joe does the majority of all the work!! ~Thank you Joe! 

No Commercial use of Aggie Barn images are permitted.  

If you would like to visit for non-commercial pictures - please see the "Visits/PICS" page.