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Moving the barn was an undertaking that required help from many people.  Joe, Tressa, Jake, Samantha, Taylor and Alex (the immediate Swinnea family) would like to give a special thanks to the following people who have donated their time to working on the barn:

Robert Swinnea (Joe's dad and 'straw boss')

Homer Swinnea (aka Jr - Joe's uncle)

Gary Moravits and son Dalton('16)

Scott Hill ('80) and son Zach

Keith Bumm

The Aggie Barn as of April 2009 is back to its original condition prior to moving. 

The maroon clover is getting thicker!  Below is an updated picture from April 2010.  We also have lots of blue bonnets started around the barn, WHOOP!

April 2010
Taylor '15 and Alex
April 2010

The picture on the right is Tressa's crimson clover we planted in Fall 2008.  Spring 2009 is its first year, we are very excited to see it grow and to mulitply in the coming years!  There will soon be a sea of maroon in front of the barn!


Below are pictures from the moving and reconstruction process and fun!

Getting Ready to Move the Aggie Barn
Original Location of the Aggie Barn