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Aggie Barn - Reagan, TX


 Prior to visiting the Aggie Barn, text (214) 395-6918 or email aggiebarn@live.com  
Please include your name and the purpose of your visit request along with the date you would like to visit.
You must obtain permission to be on the property.

The Aggie Barn is located on private property. Due to liability reasons, no trespassing is allowed. Contact us by text or email to ask permission to access the property, otherwise we respectfully request everyone view the barn from the highway right-of-way. 







The Aggie Barn is now completely restored.  It had been under re-construction due to the Hwy 6 improvement project. The barn had to be moved .3 mile south of its original location in order to be preserved.

It now has owners that want to keep it as a part of Aggie history.   Special thanks to all the friends and family that gave their time and labor to save the AGGIE BARN.

Thanks for visiting our website. 

We have some pictures we took during the moving and reconstruction process (click on the Moving & Reconstruction Pictures tab at the top of this page). Being able to keep this treasure has truly been a labor of love and honor.